Bio Drainclear

picture of a 5ltr container of bio drainclear Description By using the natural occurring enzymes in 'BIO DRAINCLEAR', fats, oils and grease are broken down preventing blockages and foul odours within drainage systems and grease traps. A bio film is formed on the walls of drains which continuously release the natural occurring enzymes to break down the oils and grease deposits and form an effective barrier, controlling and maintaining a free flowing drainage system free of foul odours. An exact amount of the product is released in to the drain/s on a daily basis using a simple timed dosing pump. 


All public areas, restaurants, hotels, conference centres, public houses, bistro’s, canteens, commercial kitchens, food processing plants, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, butchers, fast food outlets, bakeries


Area of Use

Drains & grease traps

ApplicationTimed dosing pump