picture of a 5ltr container of glow Description 'GLOW' is a hard wearing and scuff resistant floor polish containing high levels of solids to provide durability and a high gloss finish to sealed wooden, stone and concrete floors as well as terrazzo, vinyl, rubber and linoleum. Slip resistant and hard wearing 'GLOW' can be maintained by using 'FLOOR FRESH' maintainer which responds to spray burnishing further enhancing, cleaning and retaining a deep lustre.

Prior to re-polishing a porous or semi porous floor ensure that the surface is stripped, cleaned, dried and correctly prepared before sealing the floor surface with 'GLOW STRIP' floor sealant.


All premises


Area of Use

Sealed wooden, stone and concrete floors, terrazzo, vinyl, rubber and linoleum

ApplicationLambs wool applicator/roller, clean mop or low lint cloth