picture of a 750ml bottle of prozyme Description 'PROZYME' has been formulated to use natural occurring enzymes to digest and safely remove organic soiling resulting from the accidental spillage of bodily fluids such as urine on to carpets and fabric seating whilst at the same time removing any resulting foul odours.
N.B. For other types and more bulky bodily spillages i.e. blood, vomit, etc. the use of 'ABSORB' which destroys pathogenic organisms including HIV and Hepatitis B viruses, is highly recommended.


Nursing and care homes, hospitals, hotels, conference centres, public buildings, restaurants, public houses, bistro’s, schools, universities, colleges, cars, taxis, buses, coaches


Area of Use

Carpets and fabrics, urinals, sinks, tiles, floors and worktops

ApplicationTrigger spray