S.S. Descale

picture of a 5ltr container of ss descale Description 'S.S. DESCALE' safely descales and cleans stainless steel surfaces and is ideal for use on Dishwash and glasswash machines.

For the safe removal of limescale from stainless steel surfaces and chrome fittings including shower heads. Removes algae and fruit stains from stainless steel work surfaces and is safe on most plastics.

Locations All cooking establishments, restaurants, hotels, conference centres, public houses, bistro's, canteens, commercial kitchens, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, butchers, fast food outlets, bakeries. .


Area of Use

Dishwash and glasswash machines, stainless steel worktops, surfaces and sinks, chrome taps, chrome fittings and shower heads

ApplicationSoak, wipe, trigger spray